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Your ships engine has mysteriously exploded and you are adrift at sea. Your only way of fixing it is to gather spare parts from the mechanical fish swimming below while you are trying to uncover the mystery of who was responsible for your dire situation.


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And here's the first episode of a devlog series about the game's development:

You can watch the full series HERE


Made in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences by team Robo Dogo:

Voice Actors:

  • Dylan Wheeler - Captain Henry Macks
  • Andrew Bower - Mattie & Ming
  • David King - Kyle & Jean
  • Andreas Somville - Clyde, Odie
  • Mark Lee - Hamilton & Rollin
  • Stefan Kalberg - Dayton & Gabriel
  • Ryan Do - Clement & Milo

Special thanks to:

  • Aino Hirvelä


The game is made with Unity and is a result of 7 week summer school course. We are releasing it for free to get feedback. So please tell us in the comments, how did you like our game and whether you would like to see us develop it further.

Keep in mind that it is in ALPHA state so some bugs will be inevitable.

Thank you for playing!

- Hope Adrift team


Hope_Adrift_Alpha.zip 205 MB


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I couldn't save the whole crew BUT given the situation, I think I did alright. :) 


Thanks for playing, we watched your whole video! You did great! :)

Hehe, thank you. I didn't find the... culprit though. :)